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Cão Estilo Couture by SR
Canine Couture

Established in 2017


Whilst living in Angola, I fell in love with African Wax prints and after realizing how difficult it was to find clothes that actually fitted Nina, my muse and little fashionista, Cão Estilo Couture was born. A project inspired by the passion for the beauty, colour and history of the African fabric and dedicated to our besties.

Currently living in the UAE, and emerging in such a diverse multicultural society, I've been adding new fabrics to my designs. Over the years, I’ve created elegant and high-quality fashion designs, always in mind the quality of the textiles and materials, offering our canines that extra-special outfit for a dressy occasion, or an everyday scarf showcasing your canines' unique personality.

I’m more and more conscious when choosing fabrics so I’ve been using mostly environmentally friendly textiles like natural cotton and organic cotton sateen printed with eco-friendly OEKO-TEX ®️ certified inks, as the results and benefits of using these textiles are tremendous and can make a huge difference to our Planet, even just small a business like mine. Not to mention the quality of the textiles themselves.

Cão Estilo Couture is a small family business based on high quality and unique Canine Couture. Everything is coutured by me using my awesome Singer®️ Sewing Machine and Serger or my hands whenever hand stitching is needed. This means not only high quality, attention and detail to the finishing of the piece guaranteed, but also to allow your canine friend to be one of only a few worldwide to own any of Cão Estilo Couture items, as I am a one-woman show.

In August 2021 I suddenly had to do surgery. As a result of that, I had to stop working to fully recover. This took me almost a full year… Because of this, my business was really affected but I never considered having someone producing for me, as quality is such a crucial part of my business. I realized then, that health is really our most priceless possession and I accepted that all I could do was take my time to fully focus on myself, my health and my family. And this was so hard!! I’m far too used to being on ‘octopus mode’ every single day, designing, sampling, couturing, packaging, building a web presence, being a mum, cooking, cleaning and much more, and suddenly being unable to do anything… one can only imagine how difficult it was. In May 2022 I launched my Spring/Summer collection and I’m finally rocking my magic again! My passion keeps me going and, inshallah very soon canines will be wearing my creations again!


My mission is to make your Poochie as stylish and elegant as we want ourselves to be producing only high-quality clothes and accessories that even we would wear!


Cão Estilo Couture is a way of life for those who desire high-quality designs for their canines.


In 2019, I was awarded Best Fashion Designer For Pets at Dubai Pet Fest with my Susan, Sugar & Honey collection. This line was made out of high-quality plaid, inspired by Queen Elizabeth II Royal Corgis and became really well-known and successful.

Couturier/Owner/Founder Su Rodrigues


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