Cão Estilo Couture Stylish Face Covers

Trends come and go (and come and go), but there are some which remain evergreen, earning their keep year after year.

They may be more popular from one season to another but, on the whole, they will inevitably reappear forming the cornerstones of our wardrobes, The Forever Chic Trend!


Each face cover is cut and sewn to order.


Our face covers are washable and reusable as they were developed with an eye towards fashion and sustainability and lined in cotton for extra comfort.

These covers are not medical grade.

Stylish Face Covers

Face Mask Size
  • ● Elastic ear loops or ties

    ● Three fabric layers

    ● poly/sequins/satin

    ● Filter pocket

    ● Eco-friendly, reusable and washable

    ● Please notice that fabric placement may vary

    ● handcrafted with love in Dubai, UAE

    ● worldwide shipping